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that wraps it up for this show, you can join our running conversation at facebook and twitter. your money with ali and christine will be back next week, saturday at 1 p.m. eastern and sunday at 3. log on 24/7 to cnn do it. have a great weekend. after spending more than a year in iranian prison, sarah shourd is back on u.s. soil and talking about her ordeal and her health that is straight ahead. and missing members of a so-called cult-like church are found alive and well. authorities had feared that they were planning a mass suicide. a live report just a few minutes away. and women and girls lured to the u.s., then forced to have sex. the shadowy underworld with of sex trafficking this hour and at
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5:00 eastern. freed american hiker, sarah shourd, is back home in the united states but she says she feels like she is only one-third free. speaking to reporters in new york less than an hour ago, she made an emotional plea for the release of her two companions, shane bauer and josh fattal. >> shane and josh do not deserve to be in prison one day longer than i was. we committed no crime. and we are not spies. we in no way intended any harm to the iranian government or its people and believe a huge misunderstanding led to our detention and prolonged imprisonment. shane, josh and had i no knowledge of our proximity to the iran/iraq border when we were hiking at a water fall, a popular tourist site frequented by local families in iraqi --
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>> cnn national correspondent susan candiotti is there in new york where that press conference took place a short time ago. sarah shourd did not take questions but the mothers of shane and josh did. >> that's right. and i think that we actually learned a little bit more from the statement that certainly than sarah showered said testifies in oman. we did learn additional information we didn't previously, having her in her own words describe what happened to them for a bit about what happened when they were taken into custody by the iranians. but joining us now, cindy hick choice is the mother of shane bauer that is sarah's fiance, and over here is laura fattal, who, of course is josh fattal's mother as well. first of all, one thing that sarah said was she feels one-third free. and it is not a time to celebrate. can you tell me what it was like to see her freed and not your sons?
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>> i was very excited for sarah to be free for our families and also nora and sarah. however, the bittersweet truth is shane and josh aren't home. we really want them home. they are innocent it is the same case. they need to be returned. >> laura, this is a bitter sweet moment. how do you deal with those conflicting emotions? >> well, i talk to cindy a lot. we are both in the same boat and our sons are not released and sarah's come home. i'm, of course, very, very happy for sarah and for nora, but it is a mixed blessing. i'm very happy for her but i want josh home. i want shane home. they belong home. >> were you able to learn any additional information, have any clearer idea of how she was treated, they were treated? >> we -- sarah had -- we met her maybe an hour before the press conference. so, we have not gotten any specific information at all. >> does their release make you
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more or less hopeful that your sons' release is coming any time soon? >> i'm always hopeful. i'm a mother. however, sarah's release does give me more hope. you know, i think she is -- i know she is going to put 100% effort if not more, in this and i've always been hopeful, so yes, i do believe things will end sooner than later. >> the fact of the matter is president ahmadinejad, of course is in new york city right now, so the timing of sarah's arrival back here and her freedom, of course, is very interesting to watch. what plans do you have to try to meet with him and what message will you bring? >> yes, we have requested a meeting with president ahmadinejad through the u.n./iranian mission and we would bring the message of mothers asking for their children to come home. it is a humanitarian message and we think since president ahmadinejad is a father and iranians hold motherhood in such high regard, be we are hoping
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there is many ways we can have a face-to-face meeting and just underscore our great desire to have our young people, josh and shane, come home. >> still, iran is talking about putting your sons on trial. they claim to have evidence that they were, in fact, spies. you must be worried about that. >> you know, i believe in the truth. and there is no way shane and josh are connected to the u.s. government. so i have faith that the truth will prevail. all right. thank you both very much for joining us. i know sarah has said and you all have said that you are broken -- moved, i think she said, move bud not unbroken and that all of you will -- all of your efforts to try to win their release. we will see what happens next. frederica, back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. all right now, let's move out west to california, where there is a lot of relief, they express, a big search ended there. a group police feared was
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planning a cult-like mass suicide has actually been found alive. let's get right to cnn's thelma gutierrez joining us on the phone from palmdale. thelma, what happened? >> reporter: frederica, what was really interesting is we came pulling up to the jackie robinson park, right outside of palmdale. while we were pulling up, we could see some of the mothers that were being talked to by some of the sheriff's authorities an we could see the children kind of going into their cars, they were all allowed to leave. basically, this could have been a situation where there was this terrible misunderstanding. apparently, these women go on these prayer sessions out in the high desert, they go there often and they go maybe once or twice a week. their families aware of this their husbands are aware. they left some of their belongings behind with their husbands. they left behind cell phones, money, some personal notes, that kind of thing but they say they went off to the desert to pray. all of a sudden, they say unbeknownst to them, they come
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to this park, the end of their night-long prayer session. they are having a meet hearing on the grounds at the park and the media comes rolling up, sheriff's deputies come rolling up and they say they were extremely surprised at all of this. they had no knowledge that there was a huge manhunt that was going on for them. i walked up to pun one of the women and i asked her in spanish, so where were you guys? she says we were praying through the night. i said are you to okay? are your kids okay? she said, perfectly okay. she seemed to be extremely annoyed by all the attention. they got in their cars. they were free to leave. we talked to the sheriff's -- the sheriff out here and he basically said there was no crime committed. there was -- these people were free to go. obviously, some kind of miscommunication, not sure exactly what happened, but the people were obviously off, you know, praying through the night and very surprised that all this attention was being given to
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them. >> so they will marks a couple of questions, because the sheriff's department says what concerned them was some of the reading material that was in some of the purses that were left behind, a, and then, b, it has been described as a cult-like group. where did that come from and is anyone substantiating even that description? >> that is a great question. we had asked the spokesperson for the sheriff's department that very question and he said basically, they left behind these personal belongings, you know, money, cell phones, and it could have been not necessarily a deed to a house but maybe it was a mortgage coupon, something like that. and there were a couple of notes but they were not specific saying they were out to harm them so far as harm their children. they said it was a combination of circumstances, looking at the things that they had left behind, on top of the fact that the spouses were concerned that
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led them to want to be cautious and go out and look for these people. in terms of the -- you know what they had said about the sect, we are talked to one of the friends of the women and he says, no it wasn't a sect at all. what it is, they belong to a christian church and from there, they had broken away, this group of sisters and they had prayer sessions on their own. and i asked them what they were praying for and they were praying for things like abstinence for the children and also no violence in schools, things like that. but they said that there were -- they are not a sect that they just simply happen to go off on the prayer sessions. >> all right, very fascinating, thelma gutierrez, thanks very much from palmdale, california. meantime, we are going to turn to robert federucci, cover the story since it began, or at least it raised eyebrow there is out of los angeles. he is with the los angeles
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times. he is actual any a different location than thelma is. he is with family members and he is also joining us on the phone. so, give me an idea what family members are doing and saying around you. >> caller: well, last night, several groups of relatives had huddled on the palmdale sheriff's station and what they were saying was that in the past, this group had taken similar prayer trips up to the mountains before but what was different about this trip was that they had left behind these notes. they had left behind cash. >> thelma just went through that but right now, you are where the famlism how are they explaining the descriptionses of cult-like, how are they explaining the reaction to when police found them and told them they were considered missing persons? >> there is certainly a lot of relief now in palmdale.
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so from the beginning, there was skepticism as to how serious these claims were and whether these children and whether these adults were actually in harm's way. so, there is relief but from the get-go there was skepticism. >> robert, thanks so much with the "los angeles times." appreciate your input on this story as well. >> thanks so much for having me. >> all right. we will be right back with the latest on hurricane igor, whether it is gaining or losing strength, right after this. it's a sale. nothing beats a sale! wrong move! you. you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own price on priceline.
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fred, you should look into it. i'm a risk-taker. [ female announcer ] only flood insurance covers floods. visit to learn your risk. bermuda is on alert and people are taking cover there hurricane igor is closing in with a lot of wind and rain and our reynolds wolf is right in the middle of it. >> reporter: the sent over hurricane igor is still some distance away from bermuda, but the outer ba bands are coming through, coming through with
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some incredibly strong winds gusting up to 60, 70 miles per hour much heavy rainfall intermitt it tent at times and surf spectacular. behind me, you can see what is left of elbow beach, everything else covered by the water and high waves continue to roll n many of the roads have been closed. the major causeway that connects part of bermuda has also been shut down due to the strong winds. traveling is dangerous on the island. however, we were able to get out a while ago and this is what we saw. here is bermuda. we are feeling the brunt of the storm. [ inaudible ] off the coast of africa. it has spun its way across the atlantic, getting close to bermuda and a now the outer bands, strongest winds, heaviest waves are right here on the doorstep of this island. i'm coming to you from astwood cove, bermuda this area is getting jack hammered by hurricane igor here in bermuda. and i tell you can the strongest part of the storm is yet to come. we have been pelted by heavy rainfalls, immense waves that
4:16 pm
keep battering the shoreline. the wave has been very strong at times. tropical storm force, hurricane-force gusts coming onshore. we pan over just a little bit. you can see just the sheer power of these pounding up against the rocks. it doesn't matter which direction you go. it truly is a sight to see. white caps as far as you can go on the horizon and of course, closer to shore, you can see all the foam. now, we do have some good news with the storm and that is not expected to make a direct hit on the island. hurricane igor is actually supposed to pass a little bit to the west and as it does so, we are still going to get caught with the brunt of the storm, northeast quadrant, northeast sector of the storm, which will bring the strongest winds, heaviest rainfall and again the pounding surf, surf expected to move well to the north of the island, pass forward into monday and tuesday, things will slowly get back to norm a and the cleanup begins. let's send it back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much, reynolds, a tough week for the folks there in bermuda. jackie jeras, the hurricane
4:17 pm
headquarters. >> yeah, a couple things we want to talk about reynolds mentioned in his piece, how bermuda is not going to get a direct hit. we talk about landfall, talk about terms like direct hit and what do all these things mean? a direct hit means that the eyewall or the worst part of the system, of the hurricane, would make its way onto the island. the eye makes its way over. sometimes a direct hit can actually be a little bit worse, at least in terms of the wind damage. now, our best estimate is that at this time, is that igor is going to move west of bermuda by maybe 3 onnish, give or take a few, miles. you think, oh this is good, right? however, this is such a huge storm that the hurricane-force winds extend out about 90 miles from the center. so that means we are talking hurricane-force wind as well on the island for probably six-plus hours and we are just a few hours away from that happening. we have already had some of the hurricane-force wind gusts, not
4:18 pm
sustained yet, but starting to get into the thick of the storm and we think this is going to be peaking out this evening and then into the overnight hours before it starts to wane off. category 1 storm, maximum winds 85 miles per hour, moving north right now and take a look at what some of these gusts are doing. 105 miles per hour. so that is still very extreme and going to be some power outages and certainly damage. waves is going to be one of the biggest impacts with this storm. you can see those already. barely seeing tropical storm-force conditions there on the eye law and. here is the forecast track, you see brings it very near bermuda and heading up to the north and the east. the u.s. needs to worry about it through the early part of the week, in terms of a high risk of rip current and maybe coastal flooding, the carolinas in particular getting hit the worst. look at our ireporters what a great job they have been doing keeping us up to date on what is happening in bermuda. this is from claire in pembroke, bermuda, preparing for this storm for days and days. she says the storm shutters are up, cupboards are stocked, water
4:19 pm
jet wes and bathtubs filled up and now wait and see and hope for the best. thanks for sending those into us and we hope for the best for you. look at all that wind bringing all those trees down. here is a look at the radar picture from the weather service in bermuda there is the island, here you can see the center of the storm and the worst of the conditions just off to the west now. frederica? >> oh, boy, thanks so much. pretty dramatic view. and then still other stuff out there? >> julia is still out there not boring anybody. >> okay. a tropical wave off the cape verdes, a high chance of development in the next couple of days and it is not a tropical system but got heavy rain and flooding in texas. talk more about that later. >> okay. we will check back with you. thanks so much, jacqui, appreciate it. something you and i are going to talk about later, an interesting little peek knee dog with a really long tongue. and we are going to talk about that in the chat room.
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our top stories right now. sarah shourd is back in the united states after more than a year in the iranian prison. she says she considers herself only one-third free. her fiance, shane bauer, and friend josh fattal are still there, being held in iran. they were captured, all of them, while hiking along the iraqi/iranian border. shourd says they committed no crime and are not spice. eight of nine police officers from southern mexico who disappeared after an attack have been found dead. state media reports a ninth officer was injured but survived the attack. according to mexico news agencies, the officers were attacked by 30 armed individuals on friday while investigating a death. and a recall of some
4:24 pm
packaged crab meat announced today. the oregon-based seafood company hallmark fisheries says the bacteria, li bacteria, list tairia, turned up in some of its testing. it was distributed in oregon and nevada. time for a little chat room with jacqui jeras here, our little chat section of the newsroom. everything from a teen aim here is now a millionaire to a dog that has a really interesting -- characteristic. and does it gross you out to go to the restroom and see people not wash their hands? >> i have been known to say did you wash your hands? out in public, i have seen people not do t. >> yuck. >> wash your hands. >> and they are -- hey, it happened, apparently, the study
4:25 pm
says something like 85% -- >> oh my gosh. >> yeah. of people are not washing their hands when they go to the restroom. >> 85% aren't? >> r i'm sorry, 85% r 15% are not. still -- so, looking at -- looking at the ballpark bathrooms, apparently that is where they did the studies. >> public restrooms, the name of science. >> two thoirsd of men observed washing their hands after using the restroom. men are worst than the women with. >> no surprise there sorry, dude. 20% of people using restrooms at penn station, grand central did not wash their hands much the number is higher than at some of these ballparks. >> got start young, right? teach your kids and they will do it forever and ever, every generation will get better.
4:26 pm
he will show going to be in the newsroom in the 6:00 hour, he has a hand washing -- >> remember, it was a year ago there was a little hand washing tune and i think try it out. i don't remember -- >> happy birthday. >> i remember the message. right, sing happy birthday and that is how long you -- take a little time there, you snow keep those communicable -- >> diseases to yourself. >> wash them down the drain. talk about being rich and a teenager. on her 18th birthday, how did it happen? >> how did it happen? she won the lottery. >> yes. >> how about that? >> decided to stop and buy a ticket. >> worth $1 million. >> yeah. just kind of celebrating a birthday, a little extra time. extra couple of bucks or two said i'm going to take a stab at this lottery thing and jackpot. >> wow. wins $1 m. >> use some to go to college. we like that. >> very clever about her money,
4:27 pm
her winings and sure she has a whole lot of new friends. >> i bet she does. phone's probably ringing off the hook. good luck, girl. show met video of this. i can't wait to see this. a little poochy, a little pekingese. >> does he keep it in his mouth? >> not in that shot. >> world record for the longest tongue on a canine, right? his name is puggy. >> imagine trying to drink water. >> 4 1/2 inches long, nearly the same length of his body. he was adopted eight years ago. >> this pekingese, the dog's name is puggy, a little
4:28 pm
something in common with your where pug friend. i got to get this in, 30 seconds, my favorite thing of the day international talk like a pirate day. >> argh. >> did you know, all right, so here is the website that displayed, you can just google talk like a pirate day, find a bunch of them, all kinds of lingo. >> teach me. >> argh, the big one. you can pretty much do that exclamation for anything. har hardies, the jolly roger, right, the skull and bones flag used to surrender, means you are going to be treated well. lad, a younger male, lass, female. mate test, affectionate term for your friends. facebook page, antoinette, pull that up there. by the way, you can change your language on facebook to be pirate. >> that is a lot of work. >> under english go to english
4:29 pm
and then pirate. >> oh that's cute. >> change it all to pirateease. a fun thing. >> aye aye, mate. >> ahoy. i don't know what good-bye is. >> chips ahoy? i'm suddenly hungry, i need some chocolate chip cookies. >> dinner. >> jacqui, thanks so much. thanks for being in the chat room. much more in the newsroom after this. argh.
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the word "disturbing" doesn't begin to describe a new movie documentary called "a film unfinished" fil unfinished" filmed in 1942, shortly before residents started heading to the treblinka death camp. here to look at the trailer. >> a story of a film that was
4:33 pm
never completed a film designed to serve as propaganda for the third reich that empire that knew so well to document its own evil. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> the filmmaker joins us now from tel aviv, israel. good to see you. it is hard to determine what's more disturbing, that this propaganda film, these films were made or that these films were found in a vault in such
4:34 pm
amazing condition that you're able to discern exactly what was going on at that time in 1942. >> true. the fact that it was found in '54 and was used many times by many documentaries as well as holocaust memorial museums, but only in bits and pieces actually disabled us to understand whatever we can understand from seeing the whole footage. and this is the first time when i think this footage, almost in its entire length is being exposed. >> and what we see as viewers, this footage of wanting this war ghetto in 1942 we see the images
4:35 pm
we don't heart voices it is he very clear what is taking place here that the third reich wants people to believe that these jews are living well, that they are happy, that they are not starving, that they are doing all these wonderful, beautiful things that ordinarily people do from having flowers on the table at dinner to enjoying each other's company, buying meat at the market, et cetera. but you show the real hip had pock crisis of what indeed, was taking place in real life compared to this propaganda film. >> right. i was asked many times why i think they were shooting not only staged scenes in which we can see well off, allegedly well-off jews living life of luxuries, but also why were they documenting the atrocities?
4:36 pm
and i think that we can speculate. i couldn't find even a single document that will serve me as proof to the reason why they made it like it was found, but the minister, nazi minister for propaganda, josef goebbels, wrote in his diary before the filming began, now when they have decided to move the jews to the east it is urgent for them to make films, as many as possible, for the sake of their education, of future generations of the third reich, meaning that maybe to he show it in movie theaters but to use it as an educational film. and therefore, maybe tried to establish a kind of distorted
4:37 pm
snapshot of the community in which the upper classes exploit the poor and the weak and actually, they are the cause of the atrocities we see in the film. the interesting thing about propaganda, that it's not -- yes, sorry. >> i am just wondering what do you want people to learn from this film? >> i wished that viewers will become more aware of manipulation, editing, the context maybe they should seek for whenever they -- they are being exposed to imagery of such historical events. i think that today, images became our reality and we with experienced reality through
4:38 pm
images. without them, everything he remains quite abstract. and therefore, i think to learn the context to or to learn how layered is the image as a weakness, to learn to not only to look but to see and to exceed the nub numbness we often feel as viewers bombarded by images, i hope that this is something that view letters take with them after seeing the film. >> it is a fascinating film "a film unfinished," extraordinary, too, that you had five survivors who watched this film and talked openly about how they were looking in the film for anyone they may have known from that ghetto in warsaw. thanks so much for your time. >> thank you. >> we will have much more in the newsroom right after this. it's a sale. nothing beats a sale!
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chile's president visited the site of a mine today where 33 mine verse been trapped more than a month. he was there to speak with family members, keeping vigil on the surface and he also saw the powerful drills working to feet miner. one of the drills reached the miners friday but now the hole needs to be widened. and 13 members of a church in southern california have been found alive after a search that lasted more than a day. police fear the church members were planning a mass suicide. the group had left behind notes saying good-bye to relatives according to authorities and one
4:43 pm
of the cars of the members of spotted in a park by someone who had seen news reports about their disappearance. he ended up calling police. a bp test was successful this morning. president president obama commended crews for completing the job but a lot more needs to be done to make sure the gulf coast fully recovers from the disaster. tropical-force winds and torrential rains have been pounding bermuda as it braces for hurricane igor. jacqui jeras is in the severe weather sent we are the latest on this. we know, we saw reynolds wolf blowing, the outer bands have hit bermuda, what more can they expect there? >> more of that 8 p.m.ish, given
4:44 pm
or take an hour, eastern time, the hurricane-force winds with, now just a report of a gust around 76 miles an hour last hour. power outages can be expected. the waves incredible. the radar from bermuda, there is the island, some of the worst conditions in this area. the storm moving on up through the north now. what is the status? less than 100 miles from bermuda tilt. this is a category 1 storm now, maximum winds 85 miles per hour. this is a huge storm because those hurricane winds extend farther than probably the average storm, we are talking 90 miles away from the average winds that is going to keep them right over bermuda for several hours, talking probably six hours or more with sustained that is one of the reasons this
4:45 pm
is such a dangerous storm to deal w the forecast path moving to the west of bermuda and curving on up to the north and the east a couple to other things i want to talk about yet this hour, i want to mention what has been going on in the state of texas. we have had incredible amounts of rainfall across the state. this is not a tropical system. just a disturbance, 7.25 inches rain. flooding in corpus christi, i-37 closed down, a good two to five inches plus on top of what you already had had with rain in the forecast. heavy rain and taper off. >> seems never ending. >> that is the way it s. >> thanks so much, jacqui, appreciate it. all right, still trapped a half-mile underground, chilean miners find a reason to celebrate. schedule no meetings. hold all your phone calls.
4:46 pm
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time for cnn equals politics update, keeping an eye on the latest headlines on the split cal ticker. here is what is crossing right now republican strategist karl rove wants an explanation from delaware senate hopeful christine o'donnell. talking today, the gop strategist says o'donnell can't hide from comments she made about dabbling in witchcraft. she made the comment on a television show back in 1999. and rove who is the former chief adviser for president george w. bush was an outspoken critic of o'donnell even before the witchcraft comment surfaced. and alaska senator lisa murkowski says she was the victim of a smear campaign by the tea party movement. she lost the republican senate primary to political newcomer, joe miller. miller was backed by the tea party express. murkowski says the group influenced the outcome with
4:50 pm
campaign lies and fabrications. and health care is a winning strategy. that is what dnc chairman tim kaine is saying. he said democrats should be touting the legislation instead of running from t appearing on state of the union with candy crowley, kaine said he doesn't believe republicans will gain control of the house or senate come november. for the latest political news go to the 33 miners trapped underground in chile got a special visitor today. chilean president sebastian pinera spoke to them by means of a video cable that has been strung a half mile down into the shaft. he said they were in good spirits. mr. pinera assured the men, who have been trapped since the cave-in last month, that the rescue mission will succeed. he also visited with the miners' families. this weekend marks chill is lay's 200th anniversary,
4:51 pm
celebrated around that country karl penhaul shows us how people can participate. ♪ >> reporter: above ground, rescuers sing the chilean anthem and hoist a flag. ♪ half a mile beneath their feet, 33 trapped miners are doing exactly the same. ♪ saturday marked 2900th anniversary of chilean independence and a new nine-minute video from deep underground.
4:52 pm
one miner made the best of the disaster with a traditional dance. and lunch was a feast of sorts, meat empanada dropped down like all the emergency supplies, through a small bore hole. a message from carlos memani, the only bolivian trapped with the 32 chilean as well. i want to send a message to chilean president sebastian pinera for helping us in this difficult time and also send a message to bolivian president morales for supporting my family. >> that was karl penhaul reporting. a third drill is now being used to help free the trapped miners it is expected to bore an escape shaft large enough to
4:53 pm
bring the miners to the sur nas the coming weeks and the first time three drills have been use ted mine at the same time. a 15-year-old mexican girl thought she was coming to the u.s. to get a job at a clothes factory. the reality was something very different. real hear a first-hand county fr -- account from a victim of modern-day slavery.
4:54 pm
i'm a home in a high-risk flood area. it doesn't look risky. i mean, phil, does this look risky to you? nancy? fred? no. well it is. in a high-risk area, there's a 1-in-4 chance homes like us will flood.
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as the immigration debate rages, one angle is sometimes ignored. some illegal immigrants are here against their will. cnn's senior latin affairs rafael romo has more on one girl forced into prostitution. >> reporter: across mexico, young girls dream of escaping
4:57 pm
their small towns for the big cities. claudia, not her real name, was like that when she was 15, she met a charming man at a party. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: claudia was smuggled into the united states and then taken to new york, then she realize herd boyfriend was part of a prostitution ring. he forced her into prostitution, beating her, burning had her skin with lit cigarettes and telling her he would have her parents in mexico killed if she tried to resist or escape. this is the first time she has spoken about her experience. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: many people
4:58 pm
associate prostitution with women walking the streets in shady areas and being picked up by johns but claudia says the prostitution ring she was forced to work for had a long list of clients who knew the price they had to pay, where to go and who to call. one man monitors human trafficking at the u.s. state department and says there are no reliable figures on the scale of the problem but forced prostitution from mexico and central america is a big part of it. >> they know their victim russ not going to go to law enforcement. they know they are afraid. one of their threats is to turn people over to the immigration service. >> reporter: claudia was 15 when she was forced to become a prostitute but there are younger victims. he found out when he worked as prosecutor. >> i ended up seeing cases with girls as young as 13 and women in their 40s and everything in between. >> reporter: ten years ago, congress passed a law that allows victims of human
4:59 pm
trafficking to stay in the country if they testified in court against perpetrators of the crime. >> and it allows these individuals who are victims of trafficking, go through the proper procedures to be able to show that with evidence and so forth to apply for what is called a t nonimmigrant visa, which if and when approved allows them to be here in the united states lawfully and documented. >> reporter: claudia has now moved to a different city in the u.s., where she tries to live a normal life but she is still afraid of retribution and wants to remain anonymous. several cases have been successfully prosecuted in states like new york and georgia against prosecution rings that operate in the same way. they lure women in mexico with promises of a good job, only to be forced into sexual slavery once here. rafael romo, cnn, atlanta. >> we will have more on this story in the next hour of the newsroom. we will talk to the founder of a group that is working to end human trafficking.

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